Ideas for the Kids Room: Whiteboard Paint Wall

white board paint in kids roomI’m so excited about my latest home improvement project. This time just in time for the kids to have some fun for the holidays.

I decided to turn their room walls into dry erase boards!

Now, they’ll be able to draw and color and create whatever they want and design their own walls.

And they can recreate for themselves over and over again. Whatever they draw, they can erase really easily, and cleanly.

After looking at a bunch of whiteboard paint options from IdeaPaint, WhiteyBoard, Rustoleum, I ultimately decided on going with a product from ReMARKable Coating.

ReMARKable has an amazing clear coating kit that made the whole process so simple and easy.

My kids walls are already a light color – one is pink and the other is blue. I applied the clear coat kit over top of their existing paint and now my daughter has a pink dry erase surface for her walls and my son has a blue dry erase surface for his walls.

They are going to be incredibly surprised to see what I did while they were at school, but I am so excited to see their faces and all of their new creations.

Thinking of turning one of your walls into a whiteboard? Use Remarkable paint